Our Psychological Evaluations assist in exploring behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Psychological evaluations clarify a variety of diagnoses including anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, and other mental and emotional disorders.  

Our comprehensive assessment team approach considers each client’s primary concerns, unique circumstances and relevant medical, academic, and social-emotional history.

At this time, our practice does not provide therapy; however, local referrals are provided as needed and may include psychiatrists, pediatricians, licensed counselors, or integrative medical doctors.


When to consider evaluation:

The American Psychiatric Association outlines several warning signs that may warrant a psychological evaluation.

These include:

  • Social withdrawal: Losing interest in interacting with others, especially close friends and family.
  • Problems thinking: Having issues with memory, concentration, speech, and logical, rational thought.
  • Decreased functioning: Having significant difficulties at school, work, or social activities. This includes quitting previously enjoyed activities and struggling to perform routine tasks.
  • Apathy: Loss of motivation and desire to participate in familiar tasks.
  • Disconnected feelings: A hard-to-shake idea of being disconnected from oneself or surroundings. A feeling that reality has been altered in some way.
  • Increased sensitivity: Being affected or overloaded by sensory input like sights, sounds, and touch. Avoiding situations in fear of over-stimulation.
  • Mood changes: Unexplained rapid or dramatic shifts in emotions.
  • Unusual behavior: Acting in uncharacteristic ways or displaying peculiar behaviors.
  • Changes in sleep or appetite: Declining personal care due to changes in sleep and eating patterns.
  • Irrational thinking: Illogical thought patterns that impact daily functioning. These could include intrusive thoughts, “magical” thinking, or unusual and exaggerated beliefs.
  • Anxiety or paranoia: Fears or suspicions of others, situations, or one’s environment.