About Us

Andrea Bishop-Marbury, Psy.D.

Dr. Andrea Bishop-Marbury has over 20 years of experience as a licensed psychologist in Georgia. Throughout her career, she has developed a vast array of professional expertise in working with  children, adolescents, and their families. Dr. Bishop-Marbury earned her Doctor of Psychology from Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology in New Jersey. She has worked as a certified school psychologist in New Jersey, Ohio, and Georgia. Dr. Bishop-Marbury has also served as Assistant Professor in the School Psychology department at Miami University. Currently, she enjoys working within the private sector where she directs her energy toward propelling her clients toward achieving their greatest potential. Dr. Bishop-Marbury also works closely with vocational rehabilitation services in Georgia. She is well-known for her ability to connect with clients and facilitate their development of skills toward academic, social, and personal success.

Dr. Bishop-Marbury has been married for 35 years and has three adult children and four grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and making crafts.

Sabrina Rogers, Ed.S.

Sabrina Rogers has been a certified School Psychologist in Georgia for the past 26 years, after earning her Ed. S. at Georgia State University.  She has worked in numerous school systems in the metro Atlanta area and has extensive experience with preschool through 12th grade students.  In general, her focus has been on assessment in order to identify strengths and weaknesses, determine special education eligibility, and improve students’ overall academic achievement and school experiences. Her specific areas of expertise are learning disabilities and social-emotional functioning.  

Prior to becoming a School Psychologist, Ms. Rogers worked as a psychotherapist at the Devereux Center after earning her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Emory University.  During her tenure at Devereux, she acquired expertise in identifying and treating disorders related to attention, depression, anxiety, and conduct. While contracting with several well-established private practices, Ms. Rogers also administered psychological assessments for purposes related to eligibility for social security benefits, child custody decisions, foster care placements, as well as qualifying for high school and college accommodations.  

Professionally, Ms. Rogers’ strengths lie in advocating for children and their families and connecting them to resources within schools and their communities.  She is a proud parent of a very active high school student. In her spare time, Ms. Rogers enjoys beach vacations and playing tennis.

Natasha Vannoy, Ed.D.

Dr. Natasha Vannoy has been a practicing School Psychologist for 23 years.  She has worked in both the public and private sector over the years, serving diverse populations of students and families.

Educationally, Dr. Vannoy is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with an undergraduate major in Educational Psychology and a minor in Rehabilitation Counseling. Her graduate work was completed at Georgia Southern University, and she is a triple Eagle, earning her M.Ed. in School Psychology, Ed. S. in School Psychology and Ed. D. in Curriculum Studies and Multicultural Education, from this institution.

When a child is struggling or not meeting their full potential in school, parents begin the problem-solving process. Dr. Vannoy believes in a solutions-based approach to supporting families in this journey. Her educational and professional experiences converge in a way that allows for a deep understanding of special education law, IDEA, GA special education guidelines, and student support processes.

Over the years, Dr. Vannoy’s specific areas of interest in practice have been understanding and identifying reading disorders, specific learning disabilities, processing disorders, ADHD and Autism. Dr. Vannoy has worked extensively with school age populations from ages 3-young adults. Dr. Vannoy has used her expertise to train other School Psychologists and is also an adjunct faculty member at various colleges and universities.

Personally, Dr. Vannoy is the proud mother to an amazing college age daughter.

Dr. Vannoy sees private practice as an opportunity to partner with families and provide more direct support in the process of helping students maximize their potential.