Our Evaluation Process

If you are pursuing assessment for yourself or your child, we are pleased that you have chosen to work with the highly trained clinicians at Horizons Psychological Assessment Center.  

What we do

The clinicians at Horizons Psychological Assessment Center use their diverse educational backgrounds and professional experience to provide the most comprehensive assessment services for children and adults.

Our assessments integrate a full range of psychoeducational testing with a thorough examination of the client’s’ social and emotional well-being.  By implementing a strengths-based approach to assessment, we not only focus on areas of concern, but help our clients better understand and utilize their strengths within their families, schools, workplaces, and communities.

Our Unique Approach

Part of our unique approach to working with our clients is the ability to use our collaborative assessment team as a part of the educational/treatment planning process. In addition to detailed assessment results,  you are also provided practical and transferable recommendations to use with school or community-based teams.

Our Services

Psychological Evaluation

Psychoeducational Evaluation

Our Psychoeducational Evaluation for children, adolescents, and college students provides an in-depth understanding of an individual’s learning profile...

Psychological Evaluation

Our Psychological Evaluations assist in exploring behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Psychological evaluations clarify a variety of diagnoses including anxiety, depression...

ADHD Evaluation

Our ADHD Evaluations provide a comprehensive assessment of our client’s functionality across contexts. There is no single test available to diagnose attention...

Autism Spectrum Evaluation

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluation is a specialized assessment which has been specifically developed to accurately establish the presence...

Preschool Assessment

Preschool assessment requires training and experience to be done well! We use a play-based approach with young preschoolers, and a fun, developmental approach...

Adult Assessment

College bound students and adults also have the opportunity to identify and understand their processing strengths and weaknesses, and to have a full understanding...