Autism Spectrum Evaluation

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluation is a specialized assessment which has been specifically developed to accurately establish the presence or absence of ASD and includes the administration of what are considered to be the gold standards in the evaluation of ASD.

During this evaluation, we gather a comprehensive medical and family history and complete an interview and/or interactive play session. Cognitive and/or educational testing may be administered to help with the diagnostic process, and to assist in determining the best individual recommendations for your child.

Following the evaluation, a diagnosis is made by integrating all forms of information obtained during the evaluation. Through this evaluation, our collaborative assessment team is able to determine an individual’s diagnosis and will discuss what this means for the person and his/her family in a feedback session. Furthermore, the individual or family will receive a formal report, which includes the diagnosis and appropriate recommendations.

Research indicates that better outcomes are possible when early diagnosis occurs. If given an early diagnosis, families can acquire the necessary intervention services for their child. Extensive recommendations for help and support are also provided.  These recommendations are critical to help identify the types of school-based services available to children in both public and private schools. We assess children preschool through adulthood.


When to consider evaluation:

If you are having concerns about your child’s social skills, unusual behavior patterns, language development, or sensory issues then you may want to consider an ASD Evaluation.  Specific areas of concern may include persistent deficits or delays in social communication and social interaction (i.e. unusual communication skills or disinterest in social relationships with family or peers); restricted, repetitive patterns of language, behavior, interests, or activities (e.g. repetitive speech or motor movements, strict adherence to routines or extreme resistance to change, highly restricted  interests that are excessive in intensity or focus); and overreacting or under-reacting to sensory input.