Get Started / Fees

Get Started

1. Call us at (404) 941-6088 to discuss the nature of your concerns.

2. Prior to the first in-person appointment, you will receive a packet of forms that will give you an opportunity to provide more detailed input into the history and current areas of concern.     

3. Set up an appointment for an intake meeting where we will develop a specific assessment plan in order to thoroughly evaluate the issue(s).  It is very helpful for us to have copies of previous evaluations and current documents, such as IEP’s, and eligibility reports, in order for us to tailor the evaluation to address your individual needs.  You should also plan to make copies of all school report cards, including teacher comments, in preparation for our evaluation.

4. Once we understand your question(s), we will provide you with a detailed evaluation/consultation plan, a cost quote, and propose specific dates for the assessment services. Same-day appointments may also be available upon request.

5. On scheduled assessment dates, both parents are not required to be present for the evaluation as these appointment times are spent primarily with the student. If the child wears glasses, please remember to bring them to the evaluation session.

6. After the assessment, we will have a scheduled feedback session to discuss the results of the evaluation and make appropriate recommendations.  This appointment is for parents (not students) and is typically 1 to 1.5 hours in length. At that time, you should gain a clear understanding of the issues at hand, as well as a plan to address any concerns.

The Evaluation Process

Assessment/Consultation Intake Process

If you are pursuing assessment for yourself or your child, we are pleased that you have chosen to work with the highly trained clinicians at Horizons Psychological Assessment Center.

Our evaluation fees vary by the nature of the referral. Every evaluation will include:

  • Interview: Collection of social history and clinical interview  
  • Direct Assessment: Face-to-face testing in our office
  • Indirect Assessment: Collection of information from school and/or home to include behavioral checklists, social-emotional rating scales, etc.
  • Records Review: A review of all available records
  • Feedback Meeting: Final results session to review all findings
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Report: A final copy of the report

Payment Policy

Horizons Psychological Assessment Center (HPAC) does not accept insurance. For your convenience, HPAC accepts different payment options (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Check, or Cash). Rates for a psychological or psychoeducational assessment vary, depending upon the complexity of the assessment and the amount of time required.

This will not change the many advantages of using Self-Pay for your care, as explained below.

Advantages of Self-Pay:


Utilizing self-pay for your therapy or diagnostic services without relying on insurance or other 3rd party payors allows you to maintain the most control over your privacy by minimizing the exposure of your protected health information (PHI).

Furthermore, the advantage of Self-Pay includes the fact that no records of the evaluation exist in the Medical Information Bureau. MIB records could potentially compromise your ability to get current or future life, health, disability, or long-term care insurance. Once such diagnosis code is recorded by the insurance, it becomes part of your permanent health care record even after your symptoms have gone into remission. Self-Pay does not require a diagnosis code to justify the medical necessity for the services provided.

In the event of Self-Pay, your evaluation process remains completely private (with the exceptions to confidentiality such as threats of eminent danger toward self or others). You must give HPAC signed permission to consult with any other provider, institution, agency, or individual in your life. No reports of the evaluation are shared with your insurance and all records remain with the HPAC only.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are made to reserve a specific time for you; therefore, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for canceling or rescheduling an appointment. A $300.00 fee will be charged for evaluation appointments that are missed, canceled or rescheduled without 24 hours notice. Please note that several hours are reserved for your evaluation session and no shows/cancellations without notice impact the provision of services for our clients.